Monday, March 3, 2008

Retired Sets for Sale!!!

Hello everyone! I know that I have been such a baaaaaaaad blogger lately. I appologize. I have had a lot going on this past week with job hunting and doctor appointments. I am hoping that this week will slow down some so I can enjoy some stamping time again. I hope to have some new projects uploaded by tomorrow for you. For those of you in my Stampers 10 group, our order just arrived via UPS and I will be going through it and delivering your orders in the next day or so. I will also be emailing information on this months club split options.

I have not had time to get much stamping done this past week, but hubby has given the okay to convert our breakfast nook into my very own stamping area!!! How exciting this has been! I am so tired of lugging everything back and forth and having to pack up in the middle of projects so we could use the dining area. Hopefully now this will enable me to be more creative and better organized! One thing this has made me realize is that I need to get rid of a bunch of my sets which are basically just collecting dust. Most of them are new, mounted but never used. I am hoping to find a good home for them. Here is a list of what I have so far. Please email me if you are interested in any of them. I will calculate shipping charges based on the actual weight of the items being purchased.

Off the Chart (set of 3) -Sold
That's Nice (set of 4) - Sold
Figures of Speech (set of 8) - New, Mounted $16.00
Say it Simply (set of 4) - New, Unmounted $10.00
Play on Words (set of 6) - New, Mounted $14.00
Doodle Alphabet (set of 28) - Sold
Reason to Smile (set of 3)- New, Unmounted $10.00
Loving Hearts (set of 7) - New, Mounted $16.00
Web Wishes (set of 6) - Sold
Alphabet Soup (set of 4 ) - Used, Excellent Condition $10.00
Haute Couture (set of 7) - Sold
Long Time Friend (set of 4)- Sold
Lexicon of Love (set of 4) - Used $10.00
Olive You (set of 4)- Used $10.00
Drawing on Nature (set of 4) - New, Mounted $12.00
All I Have Seen (set of 4 ) - New, Mounted $12.00
A is for Adorable (set of 8) - New, Mounted $14.00
Sporting Goods (set of 14) - Used, Good Condition $20.00
Too Teriffic Tags (set of 6) - New, Mounted $12.00
Love Ya Bunches (set of 6) - Used $14.00
Around the Block (set of 4) - New, Mounted $10.00
Birthday Best (set of 4) - Used $10.00
Knobbly Knomes (set of 7) - Sold
Wishing You (set of 6) - Sold
'Tis the Season (set of 6) - Sold
And Everything Nice (set of 6 ) - Sold
Hollyhock Jumbo Wheel (set of 1) - Sold
*Updated 3/17/2008

If you would like to see pictures of what the sets look like prior to purchase you can contact me via email and I will take a picture of both side of the stamps for you to view. All sales will be final. I will accept checks and credit cards only at this time.
Happy Stamping~

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